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What is the lowest possible fitness age?

My fitness age is currently 21.

It occures to me that at some point lower will no longer be better. I guess having a fitness age of 10 will do no good?

So, I’m a bit curious - does the fitness age stop going down at some point, or may I expect to be 15 again in a couple of months? 

  • Mine is currently 20 at a VO2max of 56.

    I have been up at a VO2max of 60 but cannot seem to remember seeing any ”age” lower than 20.

  • Ahh, my is only 44, so then I think we may be safe to assume that 20 is the lowest possible age :-)

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • I've noticed that my fitness age can vary by a few years for the same VO2 max

  • That's because VO2max has actually a decimal that is not shown. If you watch carefully the position on on the VO2max Gauge can also vary slightly at the same number. 

  • When it comes to VO2max it seems to be a bit sensitive to differences in activities.

    I have experienced an increase of 2 points based on a few interval runs on track - and then loose it on the next longer run on the road.

    I’m quite sure I could «trick» it up again by just do some shorter track intervals  track.

    As I often do intervals on the treadmill and longer run outdoor it seems like it think I have a lower VO2max score.

    Not sure why, it might be because I’m quite heavy, so the longer runs often starts out with a +3 to +5 but ends out at -2 to -10. 

    Anyway, all ower the VO2max score seems to be a resonable good indicator, you just have to know about it’s weeknesses and manipulation points. Like now when I seem to have found a nice and steady rythm to my training with a good balance of workouts and rest, the VO2max, my fitness age, my timings, my feeling all give me the dame indications. I’m getting into better shape.

    It’s been a long periode with ups and downs, mostly - I think - because I getting to eager and pushes to hard when it’s OK, and then gets injuries, fatique and looses all progress instead of getting a steady buildup. Trying to train more steady and beeing more pationed now. I actually has more restdays now than in a long time, and it seens to work.

    I’ll guess I’ll see in a couple of month if this is a good strategy.

  • agree on it being 20 as the lowest. mine has been that for a while with a V02 max of 55 - 56

  • I’m a sixteen year old girl and I have VO2max of 56 and my fitness age is also 20 so I’m guessing it can’t go lower than that

  • I've recorded VO2 as high as 65 and it was still a fitness age of 20.

  • Noticed today for the first time the fitness age is 20. Being 69, it seems of minor meaning tot be 20. I do not like the prospect of starting working again for 45 years.

  • Researching this.  I'm 61 and I'm told fitness age is 20. Not sure that is correct.  But your post had me laughing out loud.