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it turned off for me

good evening i have a forerunner 45 while i was running it turned off completely while its battery was at 60% i have had it for 2.5 years

  • I installed software version 5.00 ( downloaded beta software version 5.02 ) and gave it a test I was sure that it was software version 5.40

  • I'm having the same issue with forerunner 45

    I'm on 5.4

    in the US

    feel free to email me and view my connect account. 


  • Hi there - I am having the same issue, this started yesterday, Garmin Forerunner turns off randomly during run while battery is fine. To answer your questions:
    1. United Kingdom
    2. Yes
    3. Yes 

  • Yes, me too over the past week

    Garmin Forerunner turns off randomly during run while battery is fine. To answer your questions:
    1. United Kingdom
    2. Yes
    3. Yes 

  • my garmin will not work after it was turned off, got mine in 2019 so i guess thats the lifetime of my watch.. it's stuck on the start symbol and nothing helps..

  • I have the same issue - fully charged watch, works fine for day to day monitoring etc, but when doing a run it will seemingly randomly turn itself off, and won't turn back on for a period of time, and then allows resume (with plenty of battery life left).  I have contacted support directly, and their only solution was returning watch for a replacement, but given the number of others reporting this in recent months, it looks like it is an introduced problem, or age related, but not sure another watch will be any better.  I am based in the UK, and am happy for you to contact me by email or access my Connect account.  There is an activity from earlier today where the watch turned off after .81 KM.

  • Hi All, I wrote 18 days saying I have the same issue and been going out less because of it. However, a couple of nights ago I ran 6 miles and tonight the same with no issues and this was because I'd turned my bluetooth off. If this is a battery problem, then turning the Bluetooth off may be a temporary solution? Fingers crossed as I simply cannot afford a new watch.

    Ps Previous runs were only 3miles when my problems were occurring. 

  • Hi there - it has started happening again? what is the update

  • Forget that theory, watch switched off again even though i had bluetooth turned off. I give up. 

  • Hi I contacted Garmin support and they suggested resetting the watch  this seemed to work as the watch ran on gps for 1.5 hrs and then signalled "low battery" it then carried on for 30 mins and then powered off. The battery was only partially charged so this was fine. The next week once the battery was at 60 -80 % on gps  it was back to powering down without signalling low battery. So it's worth a reset and see what happens for you then report this to Garmin