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(Known Issue) Apparent first-of-year GPS issue. Up to 1/4 mile errors.

Update 2021/01/03: Garmin is stating the issue is fixed, in this support center post:  I can report that my and my spouse's FR 45 and FR 945 both now show CPE: Current, and track correctly.

The Garmin post, however, states incorrectly that distance and pace were not affected by the tracking errors; as many users have reported, they were sometimes affected quite seriously.  Also, they changed the title of the post, which originally gave the date; now there's nothing in the post to indicate the date of the issue or its resolution.

Original post:

My spouse and I have recorded four walking, running activities today, 2021/01/01.  Every one of them has severe errors in the GPS tracking.  In all four cases, the recorded start point is between 3 blocks and 1/4 mile dead west of the actual start point.  The first part of the plot will look correct -- except for being 1/4 mile west -- then the recorded track will begin to shift eastward and sometimes northward, By the end of the walk or run, the track will be accurate again, but may have shifted as a block and a half northward along the way.  The pace chart shows impossibly fast peaks as the GPS position adjusts.

There's nothing unusual about our neighborhood.  I've recorded over a dozen walks on the FR45 before this, with only minor errors; my spouse has recorded a hundred or more runs on an FR945.  My Edge 520 Plus is accurate enough on these streets to track when I swerve around a pothole.

Is anybody else having problems today?