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Season's Best Records

I would really like to record both my PB's and my 'best in year' results at various distances.

Does anyone have a way of doing that? The reason is that I've had a couple of long term injuries, and I'm realistic that I'm unlikely to beat my PBs from 2018, but it would be great to know my 2020 bests and how they compare with previous years. Even better if there was a Season's Best notification on the watch.

How do you manage this - just through sorting results?

  • There is no such functionality, neither on the watch nor in garmin connect. So either you look for your best results manually, or use another analytical tool.

  • Yes please!

    I would also like this!

  • It's an old watch, so there won't be such update.

    On the watch itself the best you can do is to write a Connect IQ app (the developer kit is free to download). On the store there is a DataField to display records for current activity, and also one to count steps during a month. So maybe it's possible to do something like that but someone would need to check and try.

    Other then that, it could be only a feature on Connect Web, so you could try to send it as an idea, though it was proposed by some already, nothing changed yet.