Can anyone advise with their own experience with Edge 1000 replacement battery performance

I'm guessing there are still a lot of people with Edge 1000s out there. Any experience of using theirs with a replacement battery would be useful. My unit, with its original battery still in,  is only lasting about 30 mins now, so its well past it now. Replacement battery required. Any current advice would be appreciated. I've read all the threads on the Cellonic, Newpower99 etc, but they are all 3years old.

  • I am on using a 1000 with a third-party replacement battery, and it is working fine.

    My two previous experiences were not so great. (FIrst one with a 705, second with a 1000). In both cases the battery only lasted a year, and the battery level indicator was never accurate.

    Now these batteries were purchased from different vendors, but all three arrived with the "Cameron Sino" labeling. It would appear that Cameron Sino finally perfected their product.

  • Thanks very much for your insight. Much appreciated. I shall now hunt for one of these batteries and see how it goes.