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Screen Intermittently Locks - Edge 1000

Okay, so as the title says,

It's not just this one either. I have been using the Edge 1000 since 2013 or 2014, and so I have been through several replacements for one reason or another. I have had this weird problem with every one.

What happens is that sometimes mid-ride, the screen screen Intermittently locks. The only way to clear it out is to FORCE a shut off (mid ride) and turn Edge back on, which is obviously REALLY annoying when I am on a ride. Is there a fix for this other than resetting the Edge mid-ride?

A few more facts if they help:

-Whenever this happens, the remote still works fine, so sometimes I just roll my eyes and live with no touchscreen for the duration of the ride.

-Rainy weather seems to make this happen more often.

-I seem to remember sometimes rarely just putting a finger on the screen and holding it there for a few seconds clears it out. Not always, but sometimes.