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edge explorer / explorer 2 battery

hi, could you tell me the codes or the model of the battery present on the edge explorer and edge explorer 2?
for the explorer it should be 361-00035-15, but I can't find the one for explorer 2.

the explorer battery has too little autonomy, I struggle to get to 4 hours.
I would like to change it with one of greater capacity (even double the original) and I was thinking of that of the explorer 2.

Thank you

  • The Edge Explore battery issues are spoken about here many times. In many cases the battery itself is not the problem, but rather the battery level indicator (software) which requires recalibration.
    Look back in older threads in this forum section for the recalibration procedure. Just resetting the device as Garmin Support suggests, will not solve the problem.

    In short: let the battery drain itself completely until the unit shuts down (ignore battery save mode). The unit will stay on for several hours while the battery indicator shows 0%. Connect the unit to a wall charger and immediately perform a full reset to factory defaults using the buttons on the device, charge the unit - still on the wall charger - to 100% and keep on charging while still on 100% for several hours. Then shut down the unit & restart. Now the unit has learned new 0% and 100% level indications which correspond to real battery charge levels.

    Changing the Explore battery with the model that is used in the Explore 2 - don't ...

  • "Changing the Explore battery with the model that is used in the Explore 2 - don't ..."

    thankyou for the reply, but the message is not complete.


  • As what I can find battery number 361-00035-15 is for the Edge 1000  and Edge 1000 Explore. For both the Edge Explore and the Edge Explore 2 I cannot find a suitable replacement battery but they may exist though.
    - For me it is not sure that an Explore battery will fit in the Explore 2.
    - The housing, display and touch screen overlay are glued together. Disassembly without damage, replacement of the battery, refitting parts and re-assembly is a specialist's job where getting parts together 100% waterproof is the culprit.

    For that reason my advice: "dont ..." , unless of course you are the specialist I mentionedWink