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very poor battery life

The battery life of my Edge 820 Explore has become so poor that I have to take a portable charger on every ride. Even a 50 mile ride will cause the battery to run out. I acknowledge that I use heart and cadence sensors, a varia radar, bluetooth and navigation, but these are functions that the unit is designed for, so the battery ought to be able to cope with them. Is anyone else having this issue? It is certainly much worse now than it used to be.

  • I made a test.
    First fully discharge my garmin. Then connect in to charger via "usb doctor" tester and wait for full charge.
    Did it twice. Tester shows capacity 438mAh first time and 450mAh second time.
    But garmin edge 820 have battery of 700mAh, so battery on my garmin seems degraded very much. Now i'm thinking about replacing it with new.

  • My garmin's battery life has seemed to diminish over 2019.  It goes into battery save mode at around 50 miles now too.

  • Thanks for the mention of the tester - I didn't know they existed. I'll test items when new then watch as they degrade. Is heat loss when charging going to give a false reading (high?). It would be interesting to know more about how NiCads degrade - and what to expect.