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Pairing fails with Android 13 phone

My Edge 820 and Pixel 4a5g phone have been paired with no problems. But I updated the phone to Android 13 2 days ago and, since then, the connection stopped working. No problem, I thought, I'll just remove the device in Garmin Connect and then re-add the device. I removed the Edge 820 from the phone's list of bluetooth devices, and used "Forget phone" on the Edge before attempting to Add Device again.

I have now attempted numerous times to add the device in Connect with varying results, but the end result is always a failure.

In the list of BT devices that Connect shows when you start the Add routine, the Edge sometimes shows up as "Edge 820" and other times as "BT_Edge 820".

When it is Edge 820, I get taken to a screen to confirm I want to pair, and then get the 6-digit code on the phone and device. I confirm at each end and the pairing progress bar appears but never get to the end before I get a "Pairing failed" screen in Connect.

When it is BT_Edge 820, I just get a spinning circle for a few seconds and then get taken to the device selection screen,

I've followed all the troubleshooting tips, but no success.

As an aside, I had to go through a similar rigmarole in having to re-pair my Fenix 5+ watch, but eventually it worked.

Has anyone else tried pairing an Edge 820, or any other device, with an Android 13 phone? How did it work out?