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Complete reset to factory defaults.

How do you do a complete reset to factory defaults on an 820?
  • 1. Select Menu
    2. Select Settings
    3. Select System
    4. Select Device Reset
    5. Select Factory Reset
    6. Select √

    Also, Google.
  • Cool. There are also some button combo resets too (below), but I was looking for a complete reset and wipe of all data and configurations returning the unit to state it's in when you open the box. Does the going through the menus and using that reset like you describe do that? I guess I could try it and see...

    Non-prompted Non-Vol Clear - Clears NV and deletes all FIT files including Activities, Courses, Workouts.

    1. Turn device off
    2. Hold Lap/Reset and Start/Stop
    3. Press and release the power button
    4. Continue to hold only Lap/Reset and Start/Stop
    5. Release Lap/Reset and Start/Stop when the Garmin Logo is cleared
    6. The unit will restart and clear non-vol
    Prompted non-Vol Clear - Clears NV and deletes all default FIT files and any files in the NewFiles folder. This will not delete Activities, Courses, or Workouts.

    Turn device off
    Power device on
    While booting up, press and hold upper-left corner of the touch window ONCE the copyright information appears
    Continue pressing the left hand corner of the screen until you receive the prompt
  • This really help... thanks load, it work fine now