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How to make good device great by updating software.

Software corrections:

1 - allow the user to switch illumination off (light take a lot of power in those little units and most people rides during the day)

2 - allow HRM data to be selectable for other screens (I really want to see time, distance and heart rate)

3- allow charging during the ride (I carry power bank, for longer rides I could charge the unit in my pocket without the need to stop recording) 

Any other suggestions? 

  • Garmin hasn’t updated the 20/25 software in quite a while and based on past performance, likely no new features in the near future.  I have found a couple of work arounds which might help.

    1 - back light, you probably know this but there an option in settings => system => backlight time-out....  Auto turns off the light a few seconds after a button push, Always On is that.  There is no choice to have the light always off.

    2.  To display your heart rate data with other data fields take a look at this will allow you add HRM as a field on any of your data screens (with other data). Did the setup once and it has worked great for several years.

    3.  I have been able to charge my edge 25 while riding (and recording). This has been a help on several long tours when we were out for 10 to 12 hour days (just old slow guys on the Erie Canal).  My technique was to hook up the edge 25 charging wire to the power supply (frequently used my Knog headlight which has USB power out) and then connect the Edge while it was recording. I had a small clip/band that allowed the edge and charging plug to be reasonably secure on the mount.  Sounds like you may have tried this without success - I’m not sure what the difference could be but it has worked for me.