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I have Weather and Notification widget on my 130.  I have phone>notifications turned off.  I don't want texts etc while i am riding. 

In my Notification widget there is one, but i can't read it because it is cut off after a few words.

The manual gives basically no info on Widgets. Can I add more widgets?

What does notification widget do if it is turned off in phone settings?  Can I remove it?

  • You can only read the full text if you catch it while it is on your screen and select it.  Otherwise you will just see the "few words preview" that you mention.  This "preview" will be deleted when it has been read/cleared from your phone.  So you likely need to allow notifications long enough for the 130 to recognize that it has been cleared from your phone, then turn off notifications to not get any more.

    I'm not aware of being able to add more widgets.  I think Connect IQ only allows adding data fields for these units.

    I don't believe you can remove the widget.  If you don't use it, it'll just be dormant.

  • thanks!  that cleared it all up for me.