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Edge 130 shows kilojoules instead of HR Zone

On a data page, if I choose HR Zone from menu (HR/Zone) it shows kilojoules instead. How do I see HR zone like 1/2/3/4/5 there? Soft version is 3.8 (d7bee45)

  • I'm not sure what's wrong, but I'm just checking in to let you know that it works on my 130.  Maybe try starting over, or put that data field in a different location, maybe its a bug with the layout of that screen.  Hope it works out.

  • thanks by the reply - I've just removed my previous page and created a new one with nothing but the HR zone only, still shows kilojoules; tried a couple of combinations (HR+zone/elevation % + zone/whatever IQ field....\), no luck, still showing HR zone as kilojoule. 

    I've just sync'ed and did a hard reset on the device, figured out that the HR zone field shows fine if the device language is set to English, I had mine on Portuguese. Odd but it works now. Thanks again for taking the time. 

  • Ok, so you certainly did find a bug!  So, if you leave it in Portuguese, and you get a kJ as a unit, does it still display a proper heartrate zone, or is it really displaying kJ data from a power meter, or perhaps some other random number?  I could live with the incorrect units so long as the HR zone was still being displayed.

    Glad you figured it out, but too bad it doesn't allow you to use your preferred language.  You could open a ticket with Garmin, but I doubt there'll be another 130 update now that it's retired.

  • I tested it on a ride today. Kept the device language on English and had my power meter disconnected at first, HR zone shows properly. Connected power meter and confirmed the values are not the same, so all good.

    When I turned the device into Portuguese, I see HR zone and Kj from meter as the same values. Now I plugged my device and was checking the ln3 files, and looked at values for both Kj and HR zone on English/Portuguese files for 06795 (power) and 06763(HR zone) fields:

        06795 Power - kJ
        06763 Zona HR
        06795 Potencia - kJ
        06795 Potencia - kJ

    as you can see, the 06795 Potencia - kJ (power) is duplicated and there is no entry for 06763 (HR zone) on the Portuguese file;  I've changed the portuguese file myself removing the dup and adding an entry for 06763, quick test on a roller and it's all good. I thought it was a real bug but turned out to be a simply 'lost in translation' thing. Thanks by the attention

  • Wow, great job correcting that.  Kudos!