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Number/Text Size in Data Fields

It seems to me that there is a poor utilization of space in these fields generally..?

1) Using only one data field uses the same size values for your chosen metric as using two - rendering that display choice pretty pointless (in fact, there's not a huge difference between the others either!).
2) The placement of the metric name text means that the value is usually squashed down (even when the name is short enough to fit easily) and to the right hand side, even when the field occupies the entire width of the screen.
3) The 'Heading' value seems to be hard-coded to remain in the smallest text possible regardless of how big the data field is (try it with only one field - it looks ridiculous)

To overcome issue #3, I thought I would use the Compass screen instead, but this just gives a big static arrow with the same tiny 'N/S/E/W' letters rotating around it. Admittedly my eyesight isn't great - but I defy anyone to safely work out what it says whilst negotiating traffic at speed!

Could we have some larger number/text options please Garmin - ones that fill the available space?