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GPS stopped working


Edge 1030 GPS is on but it keeps saying acquiring satellites but it never ends.

i was out couple of hours with my bikes and it didnt get the signal.

can not ride with it anymore, tried to reset to default and upgraded the device to latest 9.26. any idea?

  • There are 2 files on your Edge, which help to find a sat-fix:



    Delete both (backup on your PC), connect your device to your PC/Mac and run Garmin Express. Both files should be downloaded anew.

  • Many thanks!!!! it solved the problem

  • This worked for me! Thanks!

  • When I synced after deleting those, the EPO.bin was recreated but not the gmaptz.img. I put the old one back, but is that an error? The gmaptz.img file is dated 8/30/20 11:00AM

  • ...i’m not sure - it made both files again for me when i synced it using garmin express or whatever it’s called...the tool that looks for new updates. I think the files did have older dates though - they were not today’s date when they were added back. 

    Here is something else that was recommended by garmin support below - it didn’t actually help at all for me - but you could try it. It might work for you? 


    Based on your description, you will need to delete some older and/or unnecessary files from your Garmin mass storage device. Activities, courses and workouts are stored on the device and these files may eventually take up too much space or can become corrupted. You can delete these files from the device using your computer and the steps below.

    NOTE: To avoid losing data, sync your device with Garmin Express before starting this process. Use CAUTION when deleting. Do NOT delete unknown files; deleting wrong files from your mass storage device can cause adverse performance affects.

    Folders that can be safely cleared: (Note that your device may not have all of these folders)

    .tmp files
    .err files
    .bak files


    1. Connect the Garmin device to the computer
    2. Click Start menu*
    3. Click File Explorer, Computer or My Computer
    4. Double-click Garmin device drive **
    5. Click This PC (Windows 10 only)
    6. Double-Click on the Garmin drive
    7. Open the Garmin folder
    8. Select the folder you wish to delete
    9. Press the Delete key on the keyboard
    10. If prompted, click Yes to confirm the deletion
    11. Complete steps 7 through 10 for each folder listed above
    12. Click the Back button to return to the drive list
    13. Right-click on Garmin drive
    14. Click Eject
    15. Unplug device from computer

    *For Windows 8, press the Windows key + X and choose File Explorer

    ** If the device does not show as a drive, please follow the instructions in our FAQ,  My Edge is not recognized by my computer.  


    1. Connect the Garmin device to the computer
    2. Open Finder
    3. Click Go in the menu bar at the top of the screen
    4. Click Computer
    5. Double-click Garmin drive**
    6. Open the Garmin folder
    7. Select the folder you wish to delete
    8. Drag the selected folder to the trash
    9. Repeat steps 7 through 8 for each folder
    10. Click the Back button to return to the drive list
    11. Right-click the Trash on the Dock
    12. Click Empty Trash
    13. Click Empty Trash to confirm
    14. Right-click the Garmin drive
    15. Click Eject “Garmin”
    16. Unplug device from computer