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Let's hope this will wake Garmin up! Dc Rainmaker is on fire.

Dc Rainmaker made an article about the faulty software on the Garmin Edge Devices. 

If only Garmin could wake up an start working on all the numerous bugs in their edge software.

Read here:

  • Android sucks? That seems a bit simple. I never had trouble with my Samsung S7 with Android 8 but now with my S9 with Android 9 I regularly loose the connections.
    But, I can download a zipped GPX, open it on the phone with Garmin Connect and transfer it to my Edge. I can also read messages ansd notifications from the phone on my Edge 1030.
    I don't think Apple will let you do these things with an iphone.

  • To be fair to Garmin bugs usually get fixed but they also hang around too long. The suspend/resume battery level bug has been around for at least 15 months now, you could argue it's not a showstopper but it is annoying and shows a lack of attention. I agree that Garmin have managed to get a name for poor software quality. I remember before the 1030 release asking on the forums what features everyone expected from the device and most responses were "bugs and crashes", I was more hopeful but they were right and initially my device was very unstable until a couple of firmware releases in.

    I'd love to see a few releases focussing on nothing but stability, but I'm also keen to get ClimbPro and the other features I really like from my 830 onto the 1030.

    The two major things Garmin really need to work on though are the routing engine and bluetooth, personally I can live with the bluetooth issues (many can't), but the routing engine always tries to send me on the wrong roads, and seems to do it's best to avoid the obvious route anywhere, which is plain weird. It's the same on my 830 and with all the maps so I think it's most likely a routing algorithm thing.

  •    Do you know in a group with 5 or 10 Edges 1030 someone who don't have the blue hallo in the screen?. This is by far the biggest problem. The two that you mentioned are also a big bugs on this 1030. 

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    Surprised this hasn't been locked.  Someone posted it in the 830 forum and it was locked by a Garmin employee who said the forums are for 'specific problems'.  So forums aren't for discussions?

  • He is right and I agree with him, unfortunately as long as Garmin has weak, feature incomplete competition and sales keep flowing in, I don't really see this changing.

    I weighed what the competing products offer, and none of them fully meet my requirements as there are significant feature gaps that are important to me. The edge 1030 is still the best unit for me, however less bugs would be much appreciated, and a much better system of actually getting the bugs on the company's radar.

  • This is it. As long as your competitors are even worse and your products get bought even with the problems they have, you concentrate on selling even more items, making even more money and increasing competitive advantage even further. Unless people stop buying these units, Garmin will invest much more money into development of the new models than into fixing bugs or retrofitting features into the existing ones. And let's be honest - the competition is just not there. Connect IQ is something that blows everyone else off the water even if the rest of the features were there (which they're not anyway). Stages? Wahoo? Polar? Lezyne? They just don't have comparable features.

  • Yes, but thats a hardware issue and I was only talking about software. I don't know anyone who has a 1030 without the blue halo, and I'm about to raise a request to send back my second 1030, that was replaced due to the halo on my original. If nothing else it must be costing Garmin an absolute fortune to replace every single 1030 often multiple times.

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