Fenix 5x Plus open water accuracy

I’ve been using my brand new Fenix 5x Plus watch while on holiday. My main sport is running but I have competed in Ironman and SwimRun races and need a watch that can deal with both running and swimming effectively. I previously used a Fenix 3 very happily. The 5x plus is disastrous when it comes to open water swimming. No matter whether I use GPS on its own or with GLONASS or Galileo, the track bears no resemblance to the actual swim. Generally it records less than half of the distance. I have tried waiting for five minutes before starting to swim but that makes no difference either. I swim a normal front crawl stroke and I’m swimming in clear salt water with gorgeous blue skies above me. Considering I’m using Garmin’s most expensive watch, I’m very disappointed. Support suggests I attach the watch to a float or put it under my swim cap, both of which are either laughable or offensive depending on my mood. Is anybody else having similar issues?
  • James - it is a common issue and has been going on for around 6 weeks. There are a number of posts on it. I have upgraded to firmware v 4.00 and it doesn’t make a scrap of difference. Tomorrow I am going to use my old 920XT just to try and get a decent mileage reading. It is ridiculous. Am talking to product support but they have been of little help so far.
  • I have the same problem: Fenix 5x plus GPS (alone, or with GLONASS or Galileo) dosn't run in Open Water. I have tried with all Garmin Support suggests, without any improvment.
    I’m very disappointed.
  • I have not seen a single positive review of the open water swimming function. Garmin Support’s latest suggestion is that I “adapt” my swimming technique to the watch. Presumably that means swimming with one arm held above the water. Completely ludicrous. I am advising anyone who will listen not to buy this watch until they fix the issue.
  • On the Forerunner 935 page relating to the release of firmware 10.10, Garmin have finally recognised the problem with OWS and state "..We are continuing to investigate issues related to Open Water Swim accuracy. We are working with the GPS Chip manufacturer and hope to have an update to fully address this issue in the near future." Hopefully something will happen now.
  • I have same problem with my Fenix 5S Plus. Hopefully...
  • Hi, same problem. Open water tracking completely off. Also problem with the lap swimming. Swimming 1k in 50m pool, my fenix 5x plus randomly adds a 50m lap in the middle of the swim (even if I dont change pace). I have an old garmin swim which cost 10 times less that does a better job at lap swim tracking... not impressed! Hoping for a quick fix from Garmin.ciq.forums.garmin.com/.../1391753.png
  • I have been advised to ask Garmin to acknowledge the issue on this forum and to request them to officially work on a fix. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks
  • Same issue here with a Fenix 5 Plus. First time I did around 1,500 meters but it just showed 250. Second time I did around 2,500-3,000 but it just showed 1,500. However the map seemed to track what I did correctly. Also, I had 1,000 meters alerts on but instead it gave me 500 meters alerts. Data recording was set at "every second" mode and I tried all three GPS modes. I also have version 4.20. First reply from Garmin Spain was: "GPS measurement in open water will never be as accurate as when running or cycling because GPS looses connexion when paddling, so we don't think your watch has any problem". Funny, isn't it?.
  • Garmin support are studiously avoiding acknowledging the issue. Each time we exchange emails a new person completely ignores my simple question whether they are working on a fix of the issue. I just get the same useless suggestions to use Galileo or GLONASS or to check this or that setting - all things I tried long before bothering to get in touch with them. It seems clear that the lawyers are involved and telling them to stay away from any sort of admission of guilt. It’s all very disappointing.
  • I have found the best way to reach the attention of the appropriate person is to send an e-mail to the beta version feedback e-mail address ([EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]). I have twice had issues, once requesting a feature that was on the older Garmin Swim watch to be put on the 735xt, and the other with a beta version bug that had existed in previous firmware versions. While they don't respond personally, I found the issues were addressed in the next firmware release.

    Just an FYI, this is posted under "Garmin Swim", a 2012 watch that hasn't been supported for years. So it is unlikely Garmin appropriate staff will be browsing here. ;-)