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Open-water swim distance differs from the track recorded? (Todays swimrun 352m vs. approx 750m, unacceptable)


Did my first open-water swim today with 955. Track looks nice and smooth, but the distance is something that makes me think.

Garmin Connect reports 3810m: 

Opened the GPX in GPXSee as wanted to have a little bit closed look and it looked like it's 4k. Umm. Upload GPX to some online tool:

What are others seeing as open-water swim distance? Does it differ from the GPX track? 

Does anyone have any ideas/explanations to give?

Here is the exported GPX if someone wants to analyze it.

EDIT: Apparently this was just a mild issue compared to todays one. Link to it: 

  • I email customer support.

    This was their answer after sending al my files.

    Thank you for all this excellent information. Based on the data that you provided and what you notice, we are going to open up a research case to explore this issue further and work to a resolution. We will contact you when we have more information or have more questions for you.

  • Same answer they gave me 2 years ago...

  • I think I will be getting the new Apple Ultra watch. Seems to finally have the battery life that I need. Plus they actually have customer support that gives a sh!t

  • Funny story: I raced this weekend, and for the first time ever the swim distance was correct or at least very much in the right ballpark. It also gave me a 25s/100m faster pace than all previous swims, matching what I know my pool pace is, and thus confirming distance and pace were pure *** all previous times.

    One difference was that this was an Open Water Swim as part of a multi-sport activity, rather than just a standalone Open Water Swim.

  • Well, I think I have more wrong results under Swimrun as multi-sport as standard OWS, so my experience is pretty much opposite.

  • I've made a test between Fenix 7X SS and 955 (and Galaxy watch 5 Pro) : . Seems Fenix 7X now works fine!

  • Is that with the updated release? Fixing OWS is not mentioned in the release.

    Does anyone else report that this has been fixed?


  • All,

    Please see our recently released beta software for a fix addressing this report. If you prefer to not install this beta software, we hope to be rolling out a public software update soon, though I do not have a timeline for this release. If you are still seeing this issue after installing the beta software, please contribute your observations in the appropriate beta bug reports section of the beta forums for your specific device.

    Enrolling in Garmin Beta Software Program

  • I think my next open-water/swimrun season starts in May/June 2023, so I'm not probably the person to test this first. Maybe on winter holiday. Meanwhile interesting to see reports from others.

  • I will start swimming in a 50m open air pool, in the next few days.

    You can't get more accurate distance than that.

    I will post the results here.