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Forerunner 255 Series and 955 Series: Cannot edit heart rate zones percentages

Since I got my 955, I cannot edit the percentages of heart rate zones. It allow me to enter a value but never saved.

Same behavior from the watch, and from Garmin Connect mobile.

Anybody else with same behavior ?


  • Yes, but then we have already establsihed that you cant use sport-specific HR zones. I am not saying the always changes back %hr is a big problem, just saying its another thing not being as it should be.

  • yipe exactly the same . My issues is that when I set the BPM per zone it looks saved but it doesnt  track the activity with the BPM iI have input for my HR Z'sDisappointed

  • I have had the same issue. I eventually managed to get my inputs to save (I turned off auto-detect Max HR which may have made the difference, I'm not sure) however my HR guage is tracking incorrectly despite my zones appearing to be saved, and the data post-run is wrong. If I look at my run from yesterday, even though the zones appear saved and it should show the whole run in z1 and z2, it shows the run in z2 and z3 instead.. 

    Needless to say this is a very irritating issue as it throws off recovery estimates, training load etc.. 

  • Exactly the same issue. Tempo run the other day was apparently entirely in zone 5... 

  • Feel like a broken record, but how there can not be at least a beta update, to even attempt to fix this issue after all this time is beyond me. 

  • After a run today, I accepted a new MHR and that screwed up all the zones again.  Specifically, the 255M auto created a Running Sport Zone which was based on HRR (I was using default zones and had no other Sport HRs setup) and switched my default zones to from Based on BPM to Based on %HRR.  This is so frustrating that I'm going back to my 245 in order to run in my %HRR zones.  I'm just too tired of completing RPE 3-5 runs in Zones 4-5 and the 255M telling me 'low aerobic shortage'.   

  • All,

    We believe that we have a fix for this report that will be rolling out with the next software release for this device. While I do not have a timetable for this release, I will be updating this thread as information is made available. Thank you for your patience while we work toward a resolution for this report.

  • While we’re waiting on the new software release, can you try turning off the auto detection of max HR, deleting the running specific zones and trying again. The auto detection of max HR caused me all manner of confusion. 

  • Don’t tease us all now…

    Thanks for sticking with us.

  • Just did.  I'll report back after tomorrow's tempo and Friday's recovery.  Thx.

    Edit:  with auto detection off, the zones remained based on HRR.  So far so good.