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(Known Issue) GPS accuracy on Jan 01 2021?

Just had a run with my 945. GPS was way off during the run, I mean about 50-100 meters off reality during the whole route.

Has anyone else had this today? Using GPS+Glonass setting.

Janne / Finland 

  • Well, then you would bring some value to this thread.  The OP brought awareness to an issue.  Several replied with the same issue.  Seilogramp posted several links where this was happening all over.  It should have ended there unless someone was posting why this was happening, it was fixed, or in your case, someone who doesn't have the problem.  My comment was based on the continuous "I live here and it's happening to me too" post which have contributed absolutely nothing to the thread and is just beating a dead horse.  As for as I know, Phil is the only one who didn't have the problem on New Year's Day.  Anyone else from New Zealand?  Perhaps it is happening everywhere and Phil is the exception, or maybe it's a regional thing?

  • Had the same issue in Toronto Canada. GPS + Glonass. 

  • Same... anyone know of a method to just translate the whole track to the starting point? Bummed. Got a difficult all time climbing PR that won't be recognized. 

  • It’s not just me. If I look at others posting activities in NZ and Australia there does not appear to have been any problems. Not to say there aren’t any, just that I haven’t seen any.

  • Same for me in California with a Descent Mk2 using GPS + GLONASS. On a run activity it started out offset to the west but eventually got onto the correct track after a few minutes. 

  • I have three GPS tracked activities today:  (Do not comment about the existence of stupid walking activities.  I'm walking the dogs for the badges.)

    This morning's dog walk - The actual walk was two laps starting at the marked ending point, going south and around the loop, and back to the marked ending point.  You'll notice that the first lap was not merely offset. There are sections that are really off the wall.

    This afternoon's dog walk - I walk the dog that wanted to walk on an identical loop as this morning.  Notice that none of the walk even approached the shape of the walk, with strange movements in entirely wrong directions, etc.  This walk should have looked like the second half of the previous walk.

    Finally, this evening's run - The very first part of the run was just strange.  I started the same place as the dog walks, and then went north to the bigger road.  But according to the track, I started off to the west by about a block and a half and then ran diagonally north east.  Then the track settled down to being offset to the north by a bit for the first mile or so.  But by the time I had run a mile and a half, the track seems accurate.

    Garmin needs to quickly figure out what's wrong and how to fix it, or if it's completely out of their control they need to send that message out as quickly as possible.  Yes, there are people (like myself) who bought my watch specifically for the mapping, and it's currently screwed up.  This could result in lawsuits, etc. 

    But that's not what's really going to hurt Garmin.  The first woman who's attacked and uses Incidence Detection sending the cops blocks away from her location will seriously damage Garmin's reputation.  The ambulance looking for the heart attack victim blocks away from his actual location will seriously damage Garmin's reputation.  The trail runner that gets lost relying on his GPS and has to be found by Search and Rescue will seriously damage Garmin's reputation.

    Yes, eventually Garmin will probably prevail in the courts.  But the damage done to their reputation may be permanent.  (For those who are old enough, remember Enron?  Did you know that eventually the courts decided that Arthur Andersen, their CPA firm, was not legally liable?  Not that it helped, AA had gone bankrupt and closed down long before the courts finally weighed in.  Killed by a failed reputation.)

    Garmin makes possibly the best exercise wearables.  But if their reputation is destroyed, it won't really matter how good the watches are.

  • Massive inaccuracy in Berlin too. Hope this will be fixed soon. 

  • A bit of a drama queen here! All of your scenarios are a little out of touch with reality. Common sense suggests that nobody should and hopefully would not entrust their lives to a commercial wrist worn GPS device.

    But then I guess some people lack common sense. Good ole Darwin!

  • It was a problem for me and several others in Wellington NZ today and also for friends in Christchurch.