945 LTE LiveTrack not sending notifications?

I've had my 945 LTE for a few days now and I decided to try out LiveTrack this morning. I went to LiveTrack section of the "Run" activity settings, flipped on "Auto Start" and chose a recipient. After that, I went back to the main activity screen and once the "LiveTrack Ready" message showed up, I started my run. I figured something was wrong when I didn't get any spectator messages during the run and sure enough, my recipient hadn't gotten an email or anything. After I got home, I added my own email as a recipient and tried a few more times but never got a notification. Nothing in the spam folder either.

Has anyone gotten this working yet? Am I missing a step here or something? I've tested out the emergency stuff and I'm able to send and receive messages so I'm pretty sure the LTE connection is working fine.

  • Same issue here as above. Followed all the instructions. $650 watch and a year of $5.99/ month and the system does not work. Very disapointed

  • It sounds like the users above who had issues just had to turn on the “email” checkbox to get it to send out the message - have you checked that solution?

  • Yes. Did full review with garmin via chat. No solution.  Really frustrating. 

  • Just curious, does anyone know if the watch will use the phone for livetrack instead of LTE when connected to a phone during a run?  Or will it always use LTE?

  • I can't recall where I read it but believe someone noted (maybe DC Rainmaker review) that it would use the phone's connection rather than LTE.

    I believe this to be true as I had LTE issues for awhile and runs with my phone still worked for LiveTrack.  Also, runs with my phone show a notably less battery drain than without (implying LTE is not active and connected for LiveTrack with these runs).

  • Thanks - makes sense but hard to tell...was trying to decide if I needed to actually disable LTE to save batt when on a run and carrying a phone.  Hopefully it just uses phone + BT vs LTE.

  • I can confirm, that the 945 use the phone instead the LTE.
    My second 945LTE are still on the state "search for LTE". Disappointed
    Today I will receive the third watch. Hopefully without any defects, errors ore malfunctions.

  • Two 945 LTE in this house hold all worked great at first. Now one can not connect for Live track or send any Assistance messages at all. The other can send assistance messages but Live track ends after 10 seconds of trying to start. Neither are sending Live track notifications. The one that partially works will send a live track if I start a 24hr Event first. Both now have open Tickets with Support. 4.16 Firmware

  • I did a live event share a few weeks back using LTE and had forgotten to include a live track link in that message.

    After that my LTE live track failed to work on something like 4 activities.  Throughout this use I had auto-start for live track on.

    I ended up cycling power to the unit (holding power, selecting power off) and it seemed to resolve my issue as it’s worked again the last 2 runs.

    all of the above was just my experience and guess for a solution, maybe my suspected cause and fix is incorrect - but like others I had issues with LTE live track working for a bit (and at least some of the times I was sure it said “ready” at the start) - just no email or Strava beacon showed up.

  • hi - there is another post on the also but if it helped, pre my race on Sunday I set it all up for my wife and daughter, tested it and it worked fine.   Then on race day I turned on RUN and got GPS fine.  I did that 2 mins before start, so it had a stable GPS.    Did the half marathon not knowing if live track came on or note and too focused to check.   It did work.   Simply didnt turn on.     Later I went to watch setting (the screen with the apps on it top left button) and it said LTE was set to off.    WTF garmin.