Battery life plummeted

After the most recent update a few days ago, my battery life has plummeted on my Forerunner 45S. Just purchased this a month ago and was having to charge it every 6-7 days (use GPS about 5 hours per week) and now I have to charge it twice daily. Nothing else has changed. I disconnected it from my phone and it did not help. Any suggestions or bug fixes coming?

  • Hello, I've got a few questions I'm looking for answers to try and address that for you. 

    • Did you charge the device after receiving the low battery alert or did the unit auto power down due to low battery?
    • Were you in an activity?
    • Were there any recent settings changes to the watch?
  • Hello-

    The first time it powered down- it caught me off guard that the battery was almost dead; the other times I got it plugged in prior to it powering down. I was not in any activity. I didn't change anything with the watch settings at all. After this happened, I changed my watch face to get rid of the continuous HR monitor and keep it disconnected from my phone. After a couple days, it was back to its normal battery life, though I don't think the changes I made had much of an impact on extending the battery life again.