Watch updated to 4.20, now crashes every time I try to start a run.

I've had the forerunner 45 for about 8 months, no problems at all. It updated to 4.20 earlier this week and now it crashes every time I try to start a run. I get as far as the second screen that shows 0:00 with the options menu at the bottom of the screen, then when I press stop/start to begin my run, the watch restarts. I've tried to reload the software, didn't help. And this isn't happening on any of the other functions such as biking, walking, treadmill... those all seem to be normal. Thoughts?

  • I'm having a similar problem except my watch isn't even getting that far! It's stuck on a screen that's asking to connect the watch to garmin express and when I do garmin express tells me I'm updated to 4.20 but the only thing I can do is a forced shutdown and when I turn the watch back on it's on the same screen with garmin express logo!

    Doesn't seem to be much coming in the way of any answers from garmin!