Battery life


I've only had my Garmin forerunner 45 for about a week, and I have yet to get 24 hours out of the battery, after a 100% charge. Is there anything I could be doing wrong, or should I send it back for replacement?

  • I just started having this same issue a few days ago, having to charge it every night. Going to contact support.

  • I also have noticed this issue the past two days. I think it started since I last updated my app...I removed my watch from the charger at 8 this morning and it was at zero battery by 10. This happened yesterday too but I had assumed that I just didn't properly connect the watch to the charger two nights ago. 

    Garmin needs to update the app ASAP because my watch (which is less than 6 mo old!) is unusable in this state.

  • Hello, regarding the battery life loss you all are reporting, I have a few questions we are looking for the answer to.

    • Did you charge the device after receiving the low battery alert or did the unit auto power down due to low battery?
    • Were you in an activity?
    • Were there any recent settings changes to the watch?
  • Hello Brooks, 

    I'm having the same issues without using it on a daily basis. I even turn my watch off when I'm not wearing it. 

    I have every battery draining widget removed and all options turned off. I did one run(2.5hours) after fully charging it and my battery was back to 50%. I'm pretty sure there's a problem with activities(GPS?)

    No settings were changed after the 4.20 update. The run was done with just pressing the right upper button 3 times(no workouts or paced run) 

  • So I did another run of 1 hour and my battery went from 50% to 20% 

  • I had a fully charged watch yesterday but after an 1 hour run my battery was back to 80%. Usually I take it of and turn it off but now I kept it on while sleeping and wore it today. After a full day my battery is still at 80%. 

    At 20% an hour it would mean my battery is dead after 5 hours of activities. This isn't normal, right? 

    Ps I'm using also using a Polar H10 during the runs. 

  • Has anyone gotten an answer on this from support?  I've had my Forerunner 45 for about 10 months and two days ago it started losing charge very quickly - usually a 100% charge would have lasted 2-3 days with regular runs without need to recharge - rarely fell below 60% - now it can be 100% charged, in the evening, I wear watch to bed and wake up with it giving low battery warning and showing 1% charge?!   It did have a software upgrade recently (4 weeks ago?) that caused some problems with the link to my phone but that was sorted by resetting both. 

    Any ideas on the power problem now? 

  • Nope no answer yet.. 

    Since I noticed the battery issue i kept wearing it during night and daytime. It doesn't drain mine at all, only when I do activities. Maybe its a widget or setting you're using..

    I wasn't even aware this topic was 10 months old, so it's obviously a problem before update 4.20.0 dropped. I'm considering to contact customer service but i don't want the hassle.

  • Thanks - it does seem to have sorted itself out now - I think it got pretty wet last week as I wore it whilst doing some landscaping in pretty heavy rain for a few hours and I think that may have caused some problems with it taking charge.

    Seems back to normal now - will watch out for more problems though.