I want Garmin to buy back my Garmin45.

I got this thing at the beginning of corona quarantine, It doesn’t work at all. It won’t connect, it won’t turn on and it’s not heavy enough to be a paper weight. I paid to much money for something that doesn’t work. Currently it’s stuck in a rebooting mode, the triangle is on the screen, it won’t fully boot up and it won’t turn off? What can I do other than wait for the battery to die to see if it will boot up? These issues are very common, there are lots of other options at the price, I wish I read reviews before my purchase

  • I read the reviews and found this to be the best watch around at this price, and so far that has proved to be true. If you want your money back, that is a discussion you need to have with the retailer you bought it from.

    Anyway, here are some suggestions for getting it to boot again: forums.garmin.com/.../forerunner-45-won-t-turn-on

  • You have a contract with the shop where you bought the watch, and not with Garmin. If it does not reasonably fulfil your expectations, you need to consult consumer protection laws in your country. Good luck!

  • I hope you can reboot using the suggestions in 's link, and that once you've updated to the 3.60 firmware it works OK. I've had a few niggles with mine, but in general I'm well pleased. I get the impression most of the bugs have now been fixed, and the setup is complicated enough that at least some of the remaining complaints might be down to … ahem … operator error.

    But from what some other people have said here, I do agree there's a case for saying that the FR45 is not fit for purpose -- at least with some units and some software versions. We really shouldn't have had to wait so long for fixes. Here in the UK your contract would certainly be with the retailer, as wrote. Good luck if you take that route. The delay should not affect your legal rights, though it probably is not helpful.