Not Receiving Notifications

Just got my dad the forerunner 235 and the device is connected to the garmin app but its noits not receovire any smart notifications at all? Anybody any ideas? Ive gave full permissions to the connect app and still nothing?

The phone is a huawei p20 lite and there is some wierd message on the app that says "Software update notice - A software update is needed to fix connection issues between your device and huawei phone" i dont really understand what it wants me to do

I would appreciate the help
  • Received my Forerunner 235 today from amazon and m having exactly the same issue but with my Huawei P20 Pro. Not receiving any notifications and everything is correctly setup. Any ideas anyone???
  • Just found this on another post and it now receiving notifications!

    Hi Guys, I've just gotten a vivo active 3. Using a Huawei P20 Pro as my android phone. I had an issue with receiving notifications, even with all my permissions on the connect app and watch set to "allow" . I found that the special permissions on my phone itself had restricted it. for this i had went to on my phone, settings > Apps & notifications > Apps > settings (small gear sign on the huawei) > special access > notification access.

    I found my garmin connect set to off on this. Once enabled it all flooded in.

    Please bare in mind this layout was for a P20 Pro, but should similiar to other android devices. And maybe a similiar method to Apple aswell.
    Thanks guys.

    - thank you to the original poster of the above!