Tacx Vortex T1968 with usb T2018, what to do?

I'm not able to do anything with my trainer ..

I just bought this unit, with the blacktrack, mat and everything thinking that the Vortex (white/blue) was the only model of Vortex available. 

Had the surprise to find out this unit is not Smart!

After my call with Garmin, they told me that the Trainer software 4 was no longer available and that I can't use my trainer since they no longer offer support after Windows 7...

I was unhappy with the answer of the customer service and told him that the only thing to do with the Vortex non-smart was to put it into the garbage!??!

Now that i''ve calm down, what are my solution? I think I have to forget the idea to train on Zwift, but is there any other training solution I could link with my trainer ?

Thank you