TACX Vortex smoking on Zwift after software upgrade

Hi, any TACX Vortex owners out there experienced this issue? I recently did the software upgrade to 3.1.22 / 1.1.3 having not carried out an upgrade for a few years. All was ok on Zwift while riding on the flat but as soon as I hit the Alpe Du Zwift and the electronic brake came on all went wrong. Cadence went sky high (100+) yet KPH was low (2kph). Then the burning smell started and smoke appeared out of the trainer. I have ridden the Alpe 5+ times before always in the same gear with roughly same cadence and speed so I know this is now wrong!

2 weeks later a friend of mine (whom I had not mentioned this issue to) called me for advice as she also has a Vortex, turns out she also had just done the upgrade, was getting the same cadence/speed mis-match, and was also producing a burning smell.

Interested to hear if anyone else has/had this please?

  • I would say I have the same now and it starts exactly after the Alpe du Zfift climbing. Last 2 rides it hapen that the vortex start smelling badly the white plastic melt a bit and on the climb my power drops from 200+ W to 60W. When the terrain drops again to 0% the power went back another climb whis is more than 2% (based on Zwift) and same power drop and smelling. No idea what can be wrong. 

    Did you have some responce regarding this issue?

  • Hi Tom, all Garmin said was that it was a coincidence that the day I did the software upgrade it all went wrong. They offerred to replace the Vortex but at a cost of £250 (so cheaper but I intend to upgrade to a better model)

    Did yours go wrong after doing a software upgrade??

  • Hello, no I upraded the Vortex long time ago. But it starts when I finished the Alpe du Zwift climbing two times... after that about 4 -5  more rides I started to have such a problem especially in the climbings. I will try to use for a ride another apllication, but I have a doubts it will be OK :/ I tried it yesterday to control it via edge1030 and as soon as I increase climbing to 2 or more percent the power output drops down and it started to overheat and smell. I have Vortex 1,5 yers. So I really do not want to buy a new stuff.