Firmware 0.0.34 info?

Why we are at Firmware 0.0.34, but in Tacx NEO 2T forum (this forum) there is no post about it?

The last firmware notified into this forum is 0.0.31.

I can found some details only into Tacx Neo Owners Group on Facebook.

  • "the reaction and the feedback on the pedals on anything than smooth tarmac is way better pronounced. Then it looks like the freewheeling was also improved, especially while coasting and keeping the speed. "

    I feel that overall feeling in zwift it is improved , I dont know if is the firmware update or zwift update  , I had an "social ride" on Sunday  and I felt that something was changed in better , I thought that it was just my impression ,

    I did not had "road feeling' in that course so I cannot confirm if something was changed

  • New test today... Predominantly sprints on SufferFest, the results are back to where they were, especially on the upper end:

    Neo 2T Assioma Duo Delta
    NP 233 239 3%
    Avg 199 202 1%
    Max 926 971 5%

    Waiting for the next firmware I guess...

  • I also have a discrepency in my power data, i have a verve infocrank dual sided power meter, the tacx neo 2t reads lower values than the infocrank which i have calibrated and compared with assioma pedals, in sprints there is a quite a difference between the tacx neo 2t and the infocranks

  • Another test today. Swapped my Favero Duo to Quarq DFour AXS DUB. 

    Disclaimer: this was just the very first run, I guess some settling down should take place as well.

    It happened to be a recovery ride, so will post another one in a proper training session.

    Nevertheless, here are the results:

    Stats Neo 2T Quarq Diff %
    NP 156 166 6%
    Avg 149 156 4%
    Max 349 390 11%
    Cad 96 96
  • Hi,

    Incredible that we have been so long without providing a solution, and from Spain support saying that it is normal for the deviation that may occur by chain transmission.

    A greeting

  • Don't really agree with the statement, MattinG... How is the Neo/Neo 2 so accurate?! And then the deviations that I am seeing are pretty large and also progressive as the power goes up, so the argument doesn't stand ground very well.

    Still hoping for FW fix to make the Neo 2T at least in line with Neo 2 - I don't think it is an unreasonable ask...

  • Hi,

    I have expressed myself badly, I wanted to say that Garmin Spain had answered me to report the same problems and that they answered that the deviation was due to the transmission.

    A greeting