third party training software and Firstbeat Metrics?

is there a solution for the future, when i do a ride with a third party software, to see all the firstbeat metrics, like Training Load, Training Effect (aerob/anaerob), vo2max, etc. on the workout?

atm i have to record my Tacx Neo2 workouts twice, one with Edge 830/Forerunner 945 and the second one with Zwift, Trainerroad or Tacx Training Software, the third party software controls the resistance on Tacx, when it's finished, i only can use the activity of my Garmin device to calculate Training Load, Training Effect (aerob/anaerob), vo2max, etc. and i have to delete the activity of the third party software, anyway, in the Garmin Activity i haven't the height difference recorded i ride in Zwift.

i don't know how complicated the use of Firstbeat licence is, but now Garmin and Tacx are merged, so that there could be the possibilty to use it in Tacx Trainer Software, if other third party isn't allowed to use this metrics.

Or is it possible to create a special import routine to Garmin Connect, when importing Zwift, Trainerroad or Tacx activities, the import routine adds the Firstbeat Metrics?