ERG Mode not working

I've updated my Flux S to the latest Firmware Communication (3.3.40) and Firmware Host Processor: (1.1.6) and ERG mode is not working when using Trainer Road or the Tacx Mobile App from iPad.  Re-installed Tacx Mobile and attempted to merge Garmin/Tacx profiles.  Now the Tacx Mobile app won't authenticate and still no ERG with Trainer Road.

Any thoughts?

  • Hi guys,

    Finally Garmin solved the issue with Update dated 6/16/2021 for the TACX Desktop App for Windows 10 (TDA).

    Today I was using it in a Workout in ERG mode and it worked OK!!

    Well, finally thanks to Garmin support for fixing the problem, and I hope that no new Bugs will appear again with this update or future ones.

    Best regards,