not updating to Vivosmart 4 Sensor Hub Update - Version 6.00

I got my Vivosmart 4 yesterday. 

Everything seems to be working well, but the software version is 5.1.

Per the title and sticky in forum, 6.0 sensor update should be available.

I've gone into Garmin Express to sync - and sync it did.

However it is still 5.1

In going into Connect, I did confirm that I was in Mass storage mode and it showed successful sync, but shows 5.1.

Other things I have done:

I've deleted Connect, and all Vivosmart files - no affect.

I've deleted the device from Express, deleted folders and synced - no affect

I've Factory Reset the device, deleted everything and went through Connect - no affect.

In my mind updates should pop up and push right through on an Express Sync - but perhaps I am wrong.

Looking for any advice on how to update from 5.1 to 6.0 for sensor update.

I am likely missing something.

Thank You. - Dave