Activity minutes not recording based on steps only

Hi community,

I have a new Vivosmart 4 (software up to date Version Coming from Fenix 3.

When having a "brisk" walk for well above 10 minutes (6'000 steps in an hour for instance), no activity minutes is added.

My HR is below the zone for which I set moderate set, however based below this article, activity minutes should be added when EITHER criteria is met:

* Step rate high

* HR in or above zone set as moderate

Knowing that the HR sensor is definitely not working fine for me (staying between 60 and 80, when my actual HR is well above 100), has anyone an idea why activity minutes is not added when the step rate is high for more than 10 minutes ? Bug ?

Note: no activity is being recorded. I am expecting the device to record activity minutes in normal mode (like my trustworthy Fenix 3).



In order to earn intensity minutes credit, you must reach or exceed 10 consecutive minutes1 where either your step count rate or heart rate is elevated above the threshold that is considered moderate intensity. Performing a more vigorous activity resulting in a high heart rate can double your credit minutes allowing you to meet your weekly goal faster.