Update Bugs Vivosmart HR+

Since recent update to my watch.

Most annoying.  Battery goes low DURING a run.  But now ALL data of the run is lost.    Is there anyway for this not to occur? (I know, keep the watch charged would solve it)

Related. Low batt is not indicated until too late. Like out of the blue, 1 km in it packs in.

AND all backlights on permenantly rather than giving me the option or power to at least save what I've done.

Second bug.  I start from the same location every day.  It takes up to 1.5 km before Garmin locates me to start recording.  Garmin!  Apple, windows google samsung and every delivery taxi app and every other device knows where I am already.   Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Today I did a long desired extra long run linking bridge a and bridge b.  And there is no record.  all the above applied.  

Someone tell me a better product/brand to buy (shame as I do otherwise love my garmin)