Body battery questions

So I recently picked up a vivosmart 4 and have been using it for about a week.  Despite feeling very good during the day, it continuously shows my body battery numbers much lower than I would expect.

Below is my sleep from last night.  Body Battery was at an 8 when I went to sleep and stayed at that level until about 12:30am.  Despite having low stress levels throughout the night, my body battery only charged up to a peak of 32. 


Another interesting comparison below is from yesterday, while sitting in my office working, it went up from 9 (Noon) to 31 (5:00PM).  

So sitting at my desk working for 5 hours raised my body battery basically the same amount as almost 7 hours of low-stress sleep last night.  Any insights on these numbers?

  • AFAIK body battery is based on heart rate variability. so it is possible that your heart was "smoother" / more constant, while you were working sitting on a desk. sleep shouldn't be recorded as low stress (as 20-50), but as "rest"(10-15) so may be your sleep was not the best..... it was happened to me also, both with vivosmart4 and fenix 6s pro.

    i understand that these devices does not record the psychological stress (the one that we are usually referred as stress), but the un-confort that our body feels as a result of different physical and psychological inputs. this is why i bought it after all, to have a more objective/cold opinion about how my body feels.