Vivosmart 4 stopped tracking stress, sleep, body level etc.

Hello, all of a sudden my vivosmart 4 has stopped tracking my stress, sleep, body level etc all at the same time.. there is a lil clock noted at 225am when it stopped.  Garmin is connected even turned off phone and restarted 

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    Same problem with me. I've noticed that Bluetooth is connected and sync with vivosmart 4 looks ok. However, if I go into devices "garmin devices" in connect App and try to sync from there I get a continually connection error. I guessing the sleep stats, body etc not displaying might be something to do with data being processed in the cloud and the cloud is where the error is. Deleting and reinstalling Garmin Connect on iPhone seemed to resolve issue. I've done that twice in the last two days. Not really a solution.

    I only moved from Fitbit last Wednesday and unfortunately my first impressions of Garmin are not too positive. These sync issues are not good. Reporting into Apple Health is a disaster. GC writes 33230 kcal Active Calories and 28610 kcal Resting Energy for a day for me. Apple Health issues appear to date back years with Garmin failing to accept that they are the problem with skewed Apple Health metrics.

    There's much to like about the Vivosmart 4 and its companion app "connect" but related software issues appear to go back years and still remain unaddressed. I can find reports on twitter going back at least two years that match issues reported by the OP. Apple Health issues go back 4 years. I find sleep tracking on the Vivosmart crazy too. The device put me in REM sleep last night whilst I was watching TV at 8.00pm.

    It's ironic that Fitbit hardware is not too reliable but software in my experience pretty good, whereas Garmin seems the other way around.

    BTW. I'm using latest device firmware and also iPhone connect app is newest.

    Frustated Garmin newbie close to returning device for a refund.