Vivosmart 4 Steps When Driving


I just made the switch from the Fitbit Charge 3 to the Vivosmart 4, as I was getting fed up with the connectivity issues I was having, and also the inaccuracy of step counting, especially when driving.

I did my research before purchasing, and I was happy to discover you can turn off the activity tracking in the Garmin connect app, which sold it too me.

However, this morning on my first proper use of it I have turned that off before setting off driving to work, remembered what my step count was at before I left, and have managed during that drive to do 151 additional steps. I thought the point of turning that off was that it wouldn't add any additional steps?

Whilst its probably nowhere what my Ftbit would add, and I had to use a third party app with that when driving, Its still annoying that this app has the option, but still doesn't work properly.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this something I will just need to deal with?

Thank you in advance