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When is the Vivosmart 5 expected to come out?

I have been tempted to go from my Apple Watch to the Vivosmart 4 due to it's slender form factor. However, I know that the VS4 does less than AW and is also over a year old now. Any idea as to when the Vivosmart 5 might be coming out?

  • Garmin needs to work on accuracy. I'm now wearing two VS4s to try to determine what is accurate and what is not. Walking distance without GPS is  not accurate -- generally up to 15% low or sometimes 20% high. Steps are different on the two by up to 5%. Pulse Ox overnight is different between the two by 4 points (that's a lot!). It does lots of things, but not well.

  • I like my Vivosmart 4 and have it on my wrist all the time (except for charging once 2-3 days while I am sitting at my desk). The reasons is that I am also a watch enthusiast - not saying I have many good expensive watch but I like wearing watch anyway. Most other trackers/smart watch are too large and make me look ridiculous if I have two full size watch (on both or either hand).

    With the vs4, i wear it on my right hand. When I wear a watch (most of the time if I go out), it's worn on the left. VS4 keeps track of me (all the goodies everyone say here), my watch of the day let me look at time/date without any effort. I am really looking forward to a vs5: make it slimmer, thinner, longer lasting battery life, brighter screen (I know, these attributes conflict among themselves but it's a wish list!).

  • Sad to say that my replacement Charge 3 (get that it was already a replacement) is also on life support now. It has acquired a notorious fitbit disease the infamous unresponsive screen. NOW, im inclined to get a V4 but not sure when they will release the V5 considering the V4 is close to 2 yrs old now. 

    Decisions.... decisions....

  • My Vivosmart 4 works still ok after 2 years (battery charging every 4-5 days still) but it tired now. Replacement will be great for a new model, but when? It becomes one of the oldest Garnim units now.

  • I couldn't wait any longer. I bought a Fitbit Charge 4. I desperately wanted the respiration rate feature on a Garmin watch, but couldn't afford it so the best features for value was the charge 4. Stand alone GPS is excellent, wider screen feels comfortable on wrist. Good sleep analytics, although I'm missing my stress score and heart rate prompts to relax. Stress/body battery is definitely a strength of Garmin and I hope to respiration rate and more intelligent use of that data to assist with moderating stress and energy levels. 

  • What do you mean by "tired"? Black and unresponsive screen ala Charge series? Unusable?

  • Sorry i was not visiting side for long time. No, it’s just rubber being damaged, but still ok to wear, scratched screen so all mechanical damage. Otherwise works fine, much better that Vivosmart 3, which after one year was dead.

  • I keep holding off waiting for Vivosmart 5 hoping it's more usable like the Vivosmart HR+.  Garmin giving that entire segment of the market away.  Not everyone wants a full size watch.

  • I currently own a vs4 parred with Fitbit Ionic, I am also planning to upgrade to Apple Watch 6 and keep the vs4 for body battery and stress monitoring features.