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When is the Vivosmart 5 expected to come out?

I have been tempted to go from my Apple Watch to the Vivosmart 4 due to it's slender form factor. However, I know that the VS4 does less than AW and is also over a year old now. Any idea as to when the Vivosmart 5 might be coming out?

  • I like the slim/light feel of the VS 4. I observe my heart rate and stress score most and use the countdown timer regularly. I take interest in my steps, flights of stairs climbed and enjoy the extra features of reminders to move and reminders to breathe when stressed. 

    The feature I use least is Pulse Ox. I don't find any real application to my fitness. It's a measurement that I have no control on. 

    In a Vivosmart 5 I would like to see inbuilt GPS, Noise measurement as noise levels effect my feelings if stress, even taking into account temperature.  I'd like to see more intelligent insights from data collected. 

    A slightly wider screen using the same width band. Overall, I like the VS4 and wear it everyday. I can say it has assisted me to monitor my stress response with usable data. I would consider buying a new VS5 with feature upgrades. 

  • I probably would have preferred the vivofit 4 because of the colour always on AMOLED display and 1 year battery life, but I really wanted SpO2..

  • >>>I calibrated my steps

    How? Thanks.

  • Click on the More... in the lower right on your phone in Garmin Connect. 
    Then on Garmin Devices. 
    Choose the Vivosmart 4.
    Click on Activity Tracking, and then on Custom Stride Length at the bottom of the page. 


  • The Vivosmart 5 is now well overdue... I hope Garmin announce it soon to remain competitive.

  • Garmin really need to announce the VS5 soon in order to remain competitive (the VS4 has a weak screen and a dated design aesthetic). It is long overdue.

  • An update to the Vivosmart 4 already exists. Looking at the Vivofit 4 -- Always-on colour AMOLED screen, 1 year battery life... similar form factor... practically the same thing but better.

  • Evilstig come on... are you really so uninformed? Unlike the Vivosmart, THE VIVOVIT 4 HAS NO HEART RATE MONITOR. So no, of course it is not a suitable replacement.

  • Of course it's worth Garmins time... $120 is not "cheapy" and represents the limit of affordability for many people. It will sell in volume.