Intensity minutes really high

Hi everyone,

I wonder whether anybody can please advise?

I have a Vivosmart 3. I don't do proper exercise because of a health condition (I use a motorized wheelchair outside the house). The only exercise I do is walking short distances in the house (e.g. one room to the other, then sitting down), and some extremely gentle physiotherapy (like, 3 reps of a really gentle movement and some short, gentle stretches).

What I am finding strange, is that my GC app is logging over 1000 intensity minutes per week. Which is what I would expect if I was doing a decent aerobic workout every day, not what I actually do!

I have checked the thresholds that GC is using to calculate intensity minutes. It says it is logging 50-70% of max HR as Moderate, and 70-85% of max HR as vigorous.

Just wondering what kind of exercise other people do, to log over 1000 intensity minutes a week?

I am thinking that either the app is logging things incorrectly, or my heart rate is going too high.

I have attached a screenshot for reference.

Thank you!

P.S. Please don't offer exercise/health advice or ask me to justify my current activity levels. It's for medical reasons which I prefer not to get into a discussion about. I am using the watch to track various things for my health, rather than for workouts. Just wondering whether the intensity minutes function is logging things correctly. Thanks!