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On the Vivosmart 4 there is no option for a clock face with date, time, steps and battery, something similar to the weather clock face with the weather icon and temp replaced with the date and steps, move bar. Will there be other clock faces available in the future?
  • At this time there are no plans to increase the number of watch faces available for the vivosmart 4. However, as another option, you can customize the widgets that are next to the watch face. For example, if you select the watch face that has the time, date, and battery, you can move the steps widget to be next to the watch face. Then with one swipe from the watch face screen you can see your steps. I understand this isn't as convenient as all displaying on the same screen but may be a good alternative for you.
  • bad news

    seems like they will only fix problems

    I think that they look vivosmart like a fixed thing they sell for xmas and only release some things for fenix,etc but thats an error

    as a garmin consumer of many things this is really disapointing and frustating
  • I think Garmin should consider additional watch faces or make the watch face user configurable. Very strange Garmin does not offer a watch face similar to vivosmart 3 with Time and HR. 

  • This is really unfortunate they don’t let you customize the watch face. I believe you are right that they see this as an inexpensive option with few features but they are risking people choosing alternative devices because of this basic feature. We’re going to have to return my wife’s because she’s just not happy with this one thing. 

  • I got this thing because I wear mechanical watches. The time is of no use to me. A customizable screen would be useful, allowing me to see HR, stress, and battery, but I'm sure the ability to select specific fields like on my 735XT would be useful to most. I thought it would be a good alternative to wearing two watches all the time with the added benefit of additional data points such as pulse ox. I also bought it because I appreciate that Garmin allows me to turn off the bluetooth, but without having the app open, the functionality is crippled as I can't even set the wrist gesture to show heart rate. As it is, it's a huge disappointment, and I will probably sell it, unless Garmin decides to open it up to custom watch faces like they have done with all their serious watches. Otherwise, this is as much a toy as a fitbit.

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    now any plans?

  • Doesn't look like it. Wish they would though. It's just part of the appearance section, not like they gotta re-code the entire thing.

  • We do appreciate any feedback and feature requests. Although it is not promised we will make this change, however we do hear you and are always looking for ways to improve your customer experience. 

  • I got the vivosmartc4 for 60$ was hoping I could set hr to the main screen but that is sounding like a no.  I also have the vivoactive 4.  While I like it alot better its also feeling limited.  I was hoping to find a per seconds hr graph for the android but couldnt find one.  I tried to code with their tutorials but struggled.  The community  wasnt so responsive at that time.  So… I might keep the smart 4 until I find a better active tracker.

  • It seems very odd that for the Vivosmart 4, which seems to be about health tracking, that there is no option to have heart rate always on display. The chronic illnesses community is looking for a watch that can track heart rate, stress, and body battery without all the other features of more complicated watches, but it's absolutely critical to be able to see the heart rate at all times, to make sure we don't go above the anaerobic threshold (which is lower for us than other people). Not having this face REALLY limits the Vivosmart 4's ability to meet the needs of this community.