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Will there be more updates?

I find that there are still quite a few flaws with this watch.

For example, tap to wake up seems very unstable and the sleep tracker is close to useless.

I am considering returning the watch if there are no plans for further updates to this watch.

  • I love the hardware of this watch (minus the fact its missing a button/crown to interact with which is a miss). The hidden screen and the look of the watch is very compelling for those who dont want what looks like a small phone on their wrist- it looks like a traditional watch yet has all/most of the features and a color display. The user interface is promising but feels half baked.

    Unfortunately ill have to return it due to poor software that seems like they just gave up when it came to notifications and the calendar settings.

    Notifications are a mess. - This is surprising considering notifications are a fundamental feature of a smart watch but from the looks of it they spend almost no time on the notification experience. It has a color display yet it always shows the same generic white symbol for all notifications regardless if its whatsapp, slack or text, other phone notifications etc it doesnt mirror the notification icon you see on the phone. This makes it nearly useless since you cant tell where the message is coming from. Also, when a notification comes in it just says who sent it. Not if its from a group chat and what the message actually contains. So if you want to see what the message contains you have to interact with the watch instead of a quick glance at the watch. All other platform let you see what app the message is coming from, who is sending the message and what the message says. Lets say its a whatsapp message they should have the Whatsapp Icon on the top and the senders name and on the bottom half have if its a group chat and the content of the message.

    There is no way to customize which notifications show up unless you disable it on the phones own notification system so you miss them completely which is useless. All other smart watch platforms let you toggle which notifications to get. 

    Also the calendar complication is a great start but almost useless unlike what i have on the apple watch or any other smartwatch. If it could say what the upcoming event is would be much more helpful and how much time till the next event when you get within 15 minutes of the event so you know exactly how much time you have till the next event. For some reason also its showing all my connected account calendars and not just the one on my apple calendar... it could have been great.

    The complication when tapped on dont bring you to that widget which sounds like it would be easy to implement since they are most likely the most relevan/important information to the use.

    The tap to wake is inconsistent and so is the raise to wake. Add a button to the side to help interact with the watch and wake the screen. that would have to be a newer model fix but all the problems above can be address with a software update.

  • I think some of the issues you mention are platform-dependent. I have an Android phone and I can:

    - see the individual sender or group (WhatsApp for example) from where a message is coming

    - in the Garmin Connetc app select which app can send notifications to the watch

    - A short description of the upcoming calendar events, up to three (the bottom display format is on three lines of text), including also the prefix "tomorrow" if one of the event in the list is not on the same day

    It would indeed be nice if each notification showed a colored icon on the top display, to indicate the originating app. It seems a simple firmware fix, but who knows what is behind it.

    I do not use raise to wake, as I prefer to determine when to turn the display on (I actually use it only when I have an activity going, for example running). To tap-wake the watch I found it very reliable to tap on the side rather than the face. I am left handed and wear the watch on my right wrist, so I tap the case on the side at the 10-o'clock position. It works 100% of the time.

    Double tapping can be trickier, for example when starting or stopping an activity. In that case it has to be done on the face, what I do is I keep the watch steady with my thumb on the side and then double tap with my index finger. It seems like holding the watch helps in "transmitting" the tap vibration to the internal sensor. It looks like the tap detection is based on that, not on the touch on the screen (it makes sense, I suppose to avoid accidental touch activation).