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Software 4.0

Today i got the software 4.0  over the Air update for  the vivomove Luxe some one know whats the changes ?

  • Somebody from Garmin will probably post a note soon, to notify of the software release and of the changes. At least, this is what they have always done so far.

    I hope 4.0 will fix the 3.90 version issue with VO2 Max no longer being updated after a GPS-tracked activity and the exaggerated gesture sensitivity (many people reported the display lighting up just shacking their wrist or due to vibration, for example when riding a bike or motorcycle)

  • I don't know what changes. My whatch do update to 4.0, but the problem of wake-up with any shacking persists! I hate this problem! It drain my battery very fast because it stays On all time I am running my motorcycle. I use motorcycle a big part of day, and my battery drain in one day, max 1,5 day. My smartwatch lives in charge now!