When will the next product in the vivomove series release and what features might it have?

I have been holding onto my vivomove style for a while now and am wondering when the next-gen version will come out. I am also wondering if it will have a built-in GPS and maybe even music storage. With these two additions, I feel the vivomove series will be complete. 

  • Until Garmin announce it, nobody will know. We can only speculate based on the released dates of the previous generations:

    - Vivomove , mid-2016

    - Vivomove HR, end of 2017

    - Vivomove 3, 3s, Style and Luxe, Fall of 2019

    Assuming a 2-yr release cycle (which seems to match what Garmin have been doing with other series), we may see something at the end of this year.

    But this is total speculation, only Garmin know. I suppose it also depends on what innovations Garmin have available for a new Vivomove generation.

    The most recent watch they released is the Venu 2, which has a new type of HR and PulseOX sensor, for example. That is something that most likely will spread to other watches as they are redesigned.

  • By the way, keep in mind that adding GPS and music storage/playing would greatly affect how long the watch can go on a charge. Garmin would have to use a bigger, higher capacity battery and I do not even know if it could fit without making the watch huge.

    Personally, I would not trade battery life for those added features. Garmin has plenty of other models with built-in GPS, music storage or both. I purchased the Style (and the Vivomove HR before) precisely because they do not look like a smartwatch and yet they have enough smartwatch features, although not all.

  • We can only speculate based on the released dates of the previous generations:

    If there's a successor at all.

  • yes, of course, ultimately it depends on how well this series is selling. It is the only hybrid models Garmin make, so I hope they will continue to develop this family of watches, making improvement without huge price increases.

    It would be nice for example if they improved battery life (bigger battery, lower overall consumption, add solar technology?), display visibility in daylight, refined the firmware, add the improved HR and PulseOX sensors they have already put in the Venu 2 and I am sure you and others have your own wish list Slight smile