[vivomove 3 Style] notifications on phone are not deleted when deleted on watch, floor count?

Hi  et al,

on my new Vivomove 3 Style SW3.90 TSC2.70 SNS5.01 Net2.0, when I delete the watch notification, I have to delete the notification on the (Android 10) phone, too.  This is so annoying, because I never had this when using my older VA3 or FR645.

Another issue is, I don't see any floor count (holes are cleaned), on the same stairs I used with VA or FR.

Is there a possible fix (calibration) or do I have to give the device back to seller?

//edit: Another annoyance is that I can't set a shortcut for, e.g., timer start. Instead, for each usage I have to wake screen, long tap, three swipe left to right, tap clock, tap timer, set time, double tap to start - you're kidding, true? //edit