Text color not changeable - washes out in sunlight - Feature Request

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I've just received my Vivomove Style and notice that the main text color is fixed as white. I have the silver face, so outside in sunlight, the white text on silver background simply disappears.

I don't know if being able to change the color from white to something else would solve the situation or not, but it would be great to have the ability regardless.

I also wonder if a solution might be, when the watch senses bright light, that the background of the entire display changed to a darker color (not sure the display has black, but that would be best), while keeping the letters white, so there was contrast between the foreground and background.

  • The text color can be changed in the Garmin Connect app, and the brightness can be adjusted in the settings of the watch itself. If you still have trouble seeing the display after adjusting those settings, you might want to exchange your watch for the black version.

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    Thanks for the response, but as I mentioned, the main text color is fixed as white (see screen grab from the app): only the words "Tuesday" and "Time" get adjusted with the color setting.

    Also, I've tested changing that color to see if it would stand out any better than the white, but unfortunately, with the silver background any color is washed out in outside light (with brightness at max of 7 or in Auto).

    I'm guessing that those with the black watch face have less of an issue as you suggested. Unfortunately for me, I ordered mine with a black strap rather than the moss green, making a "non-returnable" custom order. If I had the opportunity to swap for the black version I probably would...

    Thanks for suggestions.

  • I have the Silver Style too (with the original moss band). While it is true that in full sunlight the screen is barely or not visible at all (if the sun is shining directly on it), before the Style I had the Vivomove HR Sport, with the black face, and it was not much better.

    The issue really is that emissive displays (like the OLED or AMOLED used by Garmin) do not do very well in strong light in general. Yes, having a dark background can help, as it creates more contrast. However, I suspect it has also to do with having to keep the display being invisible when it is not on.

    I have no idea how Garmin build these watches, but I believe that wanting to have an analog, mechanical clock, combined with the "invisible" display and still a decent battery life requires some trade-off in visibility and maximum brightness.

    I find that simply screening the watch with my curved hand helps quite a bit. Not optimal but it works for me and I really like how the Silver Style looks and feel vs my previous Vivomove HR Sport in all black.

    As alwasy, your mileage may vary

  • Hi! I’m looking at getting the silver vivomove with the moss green band that I will be changing to something more feminine. 
    do you know if I can change the green colour to another colour that is around the step count and date?

  • Yes, you can. The color of the text is fixed (white) but you can change the color of the "accent" on the display. You can also chose from six different layouts of the screens. The one in the picture you posted is only one of them

  • I don't think you can get e.g. a green ring around your complications. You can change just the text color above the complication. Right?

  • Where color is applied depends on the complications. Some of them use color in the icon indicating steps for example. Others in the progress bar for steps, some in the pointer indicating steps or day of the week. If you go in the menu "Appearance" of the Garmin Connect app you can see a preview of how it would look on the watch face, once you select the desired complication and color