Text replies lacking

So, "No" is one of the extremely limited replies available, but not "Yes"? C'mon Garmin, please allow us to edit the canned responses.

  • I'm looking at the vivomove 3 to get cheap until the next generation of the luxe. I just can't bear spending $400 and then seeing the upgrade and wishing I'd waited.

  • Well, I've spend those €400 incl VAT for Gold version of Luxe and I've never made worse decision. Battery is dead after 6 months, it is full of bugs, payments don't work in 30% of cases and I HAVE NO ABILITY TO EDIT REPLIES! Shame on you, Garmin, shame on you!

  • Tommy,

    Have you tried contacting Garmin for a replacement? If the battery doesn't work after six months, you may be able to get s replacement.

  • Lol, I figured out a compromise: I bought a vivomove 3 for $80 on eBay. It's identical to the vivomove style except for a simpler display, which frankly ends up being as useful as the color screen, except for the wow factor which wears off quickly anyway.

    Now I am waiting for either the firmware update or a new version, e.g. Vivomove 4, vivomove style+. Until then, I have nearly all the benefits and I don't mind so much that I can't answer "yes", or for that matter, add more than 4 sports 

  • I just purchased the style and this issue is already a major annoyance that I can't simply reply "yes" . "Okay"  doesn't work in a lot of situations. Yes it seems like a major oversight. 

    I called support and they didn't even realize that "yes" wasn't an option and they were a surprise as I was. He escalated the issue to engineering and gave me a ticket number. He said to get this issue fixed in a software update more people would have to actually call instead of using the forums. So please call if you guys get some time and give them the ticket number.

    Here is the ticket number for this issue: PSC-222430

    Here is the phone number for technical support: 19133978200

  • I  can believe the person you spoke with didn't know, but we've been posting here for a while. Still, one can hope!