Vivomove Style - Hands need realignment 1-5 times a day

I need to realign the analogue hands way too often, usually 1-5 times a day. Sometimes it's off by an hour, often much more.

Haven't been able to pin down when/how the hands go wonky. Latest firmware available and synced to Connect at least once a day in the mornings.

Any ideas or fixes for this highly annoying bug?

  • Are you using the watch for activities? The hands have a tendency to get misaligned if the watch is thrown around a lot. I have to re-align maybe once per month but I rarely use the watch for any activities other than occassional running and cycling.

  • Mine has done this a couple of times when I tried to start an activity, and it went unresponsive... when you go to a menu, the hands go to 3+9 o'clock, then it went unresponsive, about 60 seconds later the watch timed out/rebooted (?) and the hands then thought that was the new 'midnight', so the time went wonky, and when I went into the menu it would 'move out of the way' and get even more wonky, realigning to midnight would then fix it until the next time it went unresponsive in a menu.  v3.10

  • No, not really. Some automatically recognized walking activitites, but not thrown around at all.

  • This might be how mine also geta misaligned, will have to keep an eye on it.

    I have the same problem, that the watch goes unresponsive until it reboots itself. This usually happens when going to the menu or sometimes randomly when trying to switch widgets. Never looked at it that closely, is it the same moment that the hands get misaligned.

    Also v3.10

  • I had this problem one or two times before 3.10, but since then, it works fine.

  • I woodsy this is a serious design flaw.  I’m frequently noticing the time is off.  For the price point, I expect better and wouldn’t recommend this watch for any serious athlete.

  • I would not say it is a design flaw, my Style (purchased in early August 2020) has so far not shown problems with neither hands misalignment nor time being off. It might either be a specific unit having developed a hardware fault or needing a reset if it is a software issue.

    I always wear my watch, when I run, bike, swim, hike, workout at the gym and also when I do yard work of fix things at home or in my cars. I am actually quite hard on my watches, this is my second Garmin (I had a Vivomove HR before) and beside a few scratches on the bezel of the Vivomove HR (which was painted black) neither one has developed hardware issues.

  • My Black model have this problem. And in my case It is mechanical problem. I think the hour hand of my watch was incorrect installed or received a hard impact(I bought used with problem and refunded by seller), and It are touching a little the dial. If I do a little impact with face down, It works fine. I don't found any vídeo "How to oppen Garmin Style", then I don't try to correct It. My another Gray model (same model) never Lost steps.

  • Unfortunately I think it is very difficult, if not impossible, to open one of those watches. Sadly, it is a very common problem with modern electronics, especially watches that are waterproof. 

    The mechanical issue could be a manufacturing defect not caught by Garmin during their post-production quality control or something that developed over time.

    It is certainly disturbing that issues like this can happen in watches that, depending on the model, can be quite expensive, like the Luxe series.