Notifications for all Android apps

Dear Community,

I'm considering buying the Vivomove Style/Luxe. How do the notifications work for custom Android apps? Would somebody be kind enough to provide me some screenshots from the app and maybe also a picture how it looks like on the watch? What are the possible configuration options?

Thanks in advance!

  • For the app, it's quite easy. You select which notifications you want to be shown. These can't be selected per device, but only for the whole app. So you can't chose to see other notifcations on the watch than on an Edge bike computer. Anyway, in my case I I enabled phone and WhatsApp to be shown:

    Next step is to enable the "notifications" widget on the watch, which I haven't:

    Otherwise, you get a notification display on the watch with unread notifications. Sorry, have no photo of that, but it works quite well. For every new notification, your watch also vibrates.

  • Unfortunately, app notifications are not self-explanatory in Vivomove. I am not new to smart or hybrid watches but had trouble to find where the right menues are. Garmin made that complicated for no reason. Fortunately, Germin customer service walked me through. About app notifications: you can choose short, medium or long display, but I wish they yould make a provision for permanent stay until you ok-ed it or concel it. Or a reminder that you have unchecked notifications.  Imagine you work our, receive a txt message but fail to notice it since you were running. How would you know that you misssed something unless you go through the hassle of duble tapping the screen and swiping to notifications? (squinting in broad daylight to see something on the screen) Doing your workout with the Vivomove should not mean that you are dead to the rest of the world communication wise.