Luxe watch returned. Style over substance.

So I've decided to return my vivomove luxe (Black/Silver) primarily due to a suspected fault with the touchscreen. Sometimes it just wouldn't respond for minutes at a time. Could be a software issue but I'm not interested in waiting to find out! I really wanted to like this watch but overall it is too flawed a product to invest in. A "proper" watch at this price point needs to be 100% reliable!


  • Aesthetically very pleasing.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Good materials and finish.
  • Less distracting than full smart watch.


  • Hands difficult to see in artificial light due to radial reflections in the crystal.
  • Hands impossible to see in low light.
  • No second hand and very limited display of seconds when using smart display.
  • Terrible battery life. Around 2.5 days with gestures switched off.
  • Very soft vibration making it unsuitable as a wake up alarm.
  • Cannot set alarm times on the watch, only turn on/off alarms set in Garmin Connect.
  • Smart display difficult to see in sunlight.
  • Poor discrimination between running and walking for auto activities and very inaccurate distance estimation without any sensible calibration options.

Of course, this is just my opinion but some may find it useful. It is not a mistake that I have listed no pros relating to the functional use of the watch! I'm going back to my FR935.